Custom Clothing for Clubs and Company Use

Corporate branded t-shirts and sportswear

Your company identity is invaluable, as any marketer knows. Branded clothing for business events is an opportunity to raise your profile, reinforce your identity and engender trust. Just as important as brand integrity, however, in choosing custom clothing for events, is the comfort factor. Perhaps more important. Because an uncomfortable team is an unhappy team. Wearing purpose-made, comfortable clothing for events lifts morale – vital in staff retention and engagement. Providing high-quality printed technical T-shirts, which wick away moisture from the skin and leave the wearer drier and warmer, demonstrates that you care about them. And people perform better when they believe they’re valued and respected.

Plus, the public is pretty good at detecting when events staff don’t have their heart in their work. Cheap custom clothing with poor technical performance will undermine your brand, rather than promote it. Our sportswear for corporate events is all made to retail standards, manufactured here in the UK using top-grade fabric from our Italian supplier. Frankly, it looks and feels good. So your team will too.

Every garment is printed using dye sublimation. It fixes colour deep in the fibres, for maximum durability. It also produces vivid colours and subtle shades, pantone-matched to bring your brand to life. You can send us your own designs to print, or simply supply your logo artwork and messaging and ask our in-house design team to create something just for you. To get started, contact us for a free, no-obligation quote today.